👥 Evolving Team Member Mindsets

👥 Evolving Team Member Mindsets


👥 Evolving Team Member Mindsets

Author: Christian Scott & Blake Shalem

When reflecting on the various cultures in the workplace today; there are some mindsets and values that reflect more of a “Traditional” environment, and others a more “Scalable” environment.

For most organizations, people are their greatest asset and greatest liability. Without an environment that can foster the maximum personal and professional growth of each team member, an organization may face issues with attracting and retaining talent. Regardless of size, or industry, organizations are challenged more than ever to be innovative, agile and resourceful as they grow. Below are some key “mindset” and “culture” traits from a “Traditional” perspective vs a “Scalable” perspective that we are passionate about and feel are important for establishing a productive & mission-driven work environment.

👩‍💻 Employees Are Retained When They are:

  • 🚀 Understand & Agree with The Organization’s Values and Mission
  • 💪 Entrusted & Empowered
  • 👥 Engaged & Involved
  • 🙏 Appreciated & Valued
  • 🫂 Challenged & Mentored
  • 💵 Promoted & Paid Well

⚖️ Comparison of Team Member Mindsets & Cultures:

🚂  ”Traditional” Mindset and Culture
🏎️ ”Scalable” Mindset and Culture
Work in a Corporate Office
Work Anywhere
Focused On Time & Inputs
Focus On Value & Outputs
Climbs the Corporate Ladder
Create Our Own Ladder & Environment Where Everyone Can Be a Leader In Their Own Way
Hoards Knowledge & Information
Creates Easy To Understand Documentation, Shares Knowledge & Educates
Focuses On Personal Job Security
Focuses On Growth & Innovation
Pre-defined Tasks & Reports
Bespoke Insights & Customized Reporting
In Person & Email Communications
Realtime & Asynchronous Collaboration Technologies
Tedious Repetitive Tasks
Workflow Automation
Limited Voice for Enacting Change
Empowered By Open Feedback Principals To Enact Change at Every Level of the Organization
Task Oriented
Initiative Oriented With a Focus on Scalability
Corporate Culture Conformity
Fostered Diversity & Individuality
100% Work-Centric Environment
A Fun, Yet Productive Work-Life Balance
Focused on Knowledge
Focused on Resourcefulness & Critical Thinking Skills
Standardized Corporate Learning
Individualized Growth Plans & Adaptive Learning

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