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Our mission is to provide compelling cybersecurity & business leadership insight that will empower people & organizations alike to elicit meaningful growth, while also fostering a robust cybersecurity posture.

Christian & Blake are passionate cybersecurity and business leaders with over 35+ years of experience. They assemble & manage elite ethical hacking teams that break into some of the largest enterprises in America in order to educate and empower enterprises to better protect themselves against real-world malicious actors.

Respectively, Christian serves as the COO & CISO, and Blake serves as the CCO at Gotham Security, An Abacus Group Company. GoVanguard Security is a boutique cybersecurity firm based out of Manhattan, focused on providing high-quality penetration testing, malicious adversary simulation, threat intelligence services, cybersecurity strategy & compliance assessment services. Christian also co-hosts a free weekly cybersecurity training series with Travis DeForge called Cyber Judo.

They also enjoy building organizations from the ground up with well-designed agile business operations to ensure the team and organization are set up for success to scale & grow over time. In that process, they are proud of fostering a passionate team culture that encourages both the professional and personal growth of staff.

In their free time, they regularly engage in various research, mentorship, public speaking, development, and training activities to continuously strive toward their mission.

Christian Scott - LinkedIn

Christian is an eccentric, self-made technology & cybersecurity leader who is extremely enthusiastic about spreading security awareness.

Christian initially matriculated from the domain of software development and then moved into network & systems engineering before finally settling into cybersecurity by performing penetration testing & building security programs for numerous Fortune 1000 companies. In his free time, Christian enjoys teaching & mentoring others in the areas of cybersecurity, business development, and leadership. His curiosity and sheer tenacity push him to continuously learn and tinker with technology.

I love investing my time and abilities to help others and make the world a better place. I am almost purely driven by the ethos that "One should strive to achieve, not sit in bitter regret." I consider myself a bit of an artist, and I really enjoy bringing happiness to people's lives by making things: 3D Printing, Wood/Metal Working, Cooking, Building IOT Devices, Programming, Graphics Design, and Comedy. I guess Cybersecurity was always a natural fit for me given my technical expertise, creativity, and mischievous sense of humor.” 😅

Blake Shalem - LinkedIn

Blake is a pragmatic and entrepreneurial business development superstar who commands strong skills in customer relationship management and team building.

Blake’s career has been centric on building strong business relationships that drive opportunity and delivering exceptional services that maximize customer success. Fostering a healthy team environment of continuous progression mixed with “work-hard-play-hard” is paramount to Blake. Her eagle eye and organizational skills, coupled with her dedication, cultivate environments for innovation. She focuses on perpetual improvement, self-introspection, and growth to drive results.

I love spending time with my immediate family, socializing with close friends, having a few specialty cocktails, meditating, exercising, and traveling. Stability, family, and living a balanced life are important to me. Working hard to build companies I am proud of from the inside out, and challenging myself to learn and grow each day has been rewarding. I’ve eaten a plant-based diet since 2014.“🥬

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