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Our mission is to provide compelling cybersecurity & business leadership insight that will empower people & organizations alike to elicit meaningful growth, while also fostering a robust cybersecurity posture.

Christian & Blake are passionate cybersecurity and business leaders with over 35+ years of experience. Over this time, they have developed a comprehensive understanding of agile business development, information security, and the ability to cultivate healthy team environments that strive for service delivery excellence. In their free time, they regularly engage in various research, mentorship, public speaking, development, and training activities to continuously strive toward their mission.

Respectively, Christian serves as the COO & CISO, and Blake serves as the CCO at Gotham Security, An Abacus Group Company. Gotham Security is a boutique cybersecurity firm based out of Manhattan, focused on providing high-quality penetration testing, malicious adversary simulation, threat intelligence, cybersecurity strategy & compliance assessment services.

Here you'll find various pieces of content created by Christian & Blake in an effort to help educate & upskill the community.

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