🎯 Team Member Growth Plans

🎯 Team Member Growth Plans


🎯 Employee Growth Plans

Author(s): Christian Scott & Blake Shalem

In our organization, we are committed to creating an environment where our staff will be able to achieve both their personal and professional goals. These growth plans are the first step to achieving that. We first have new staff fill out the entire growth plan with exception to any Pink boxes (for the People Manager to fill in) to understand who they are, what their values are the most important to them, what types of aspirations they have and what their expectations are for their professional growth. At the end of this page is the introduction guide we like to provide staff so the understand the importance of their growth plan. Once a staff member completes their growth plan we then fill in the manager notes to provide helpful and productive feedback. We will usually provide each staff member a suggested skill tree to help provide them direction on what skills and expertise to invest their time into. At the end we setup a an hour meeting to discuss the growth plan for each staff member, each quarter the or year the growth plan can then be adjusted and reviewed via the same process on a continuous basis.

👥 Growth Plan Template


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🕹 Staff Skill Trees

⚔️ Standard “Pentester” Skill Tree


🛠 Standard “Engineer” Skill Tree


🛡 Standard “GRC Analyst” Skill Tree


💬 Employee Growth Chart Introduction Guide

Growth charts are one of the essential tools we utilize to build and adjust our personal and professional development goals, so we can clearly see our progress and ensure growth. This guide includes information and tips for outlining our thoughts and plans so we can think big.

Why is my Growth Chart important?

One of the core values of our firm is continuous growth and progression. We believe it is important to constantly challenge ourselves, fail, learn and try again with adjustments. It’s also very rewarding to look back on your goals and plans to see everything you have achieved. “Remember when you wished for what you have now.” We plan to revisit everyone’s growth chart and adjust as necessary semi-annually.

  • Personal Growth
    • Values
    • Family
    • Life Goals
  • Professional Growth
    • Skills (Hard and Soft)
    • Career Path

What’s the point?

Getting thoughts out of our heads and on paper allows us to organize and simplify our goals for clearer focus. This also ensures we are all on the same page in terms of our team member’s current skill sets, plans, strengths, and weaknesses.

Growth Chart Sections & Details

⏱️ Past

🥳 Who are you?

  • This section allows us to understand better your background, abilities, interests, things you do not like, etc.
  • We are a 100% virtual company so learning more about each other is a concerted effort.

📖 Obtained Certifications & Education

  • We pride ourselves on our abilities, not our certifications. However, any certifications or education achieved is worth celebrating.

⏱️ Past Employment and Expertise etc.

  • It’s helpful to know where you came from and what roles you’ve previously had to better plan for the future.

🔆 Present

👤 People Manager

  • Your manager will add their name to this section.

🧡 Core Values

  • Knowing what matters to you is important to us.

📘 Preferred Learning Style(s)

  • We often hold in-house training sessions with management and peers, so any insight into your preferred learning styles helps us tailor our approach to you.

💪 Competencies & Strengths

  • You know yourself best, so outlining your strengths helps us get to know you better so we can better leverage your best qualities.

🙊 Limitations & Weaknesses

  • We all have our weaknesses, and being self-aware and open to improvement is important to us as we all learn and grow together.

📈 Future & Progress Plan

⌚ Work Goals Separated By Timeframe

We want to empower you to project your wishes and dreams, as well as the practical next steps towards achieving them.

  • We are continuously growing to better support our team financially and benefits-wise. Provide us insight into your future financial needs and goals and any ideas of additional benefits you would like us to consider.

🗒️ People Manager Notes

We take the time to analyze your strengths, weaknesses, goals, and dreams to provide in-depth insight and feedback to best support you along the way. It’s important to ensure you are on the same page as the team and leadership as we all grow together.

🥷Skills Tree

Leadership will analyze your current skills and goals and develop a custom learning path with a focused plan for you that is subject to adjustments as we collaborate on the future.

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